My name is Jenny by Jennifer Terry

My name is Jenny, and I am a graphic designer and artist. I graduated from a community college a couple of years ago and it’s been rough finding a graphic design position that I would be interested in and in all honesty, someplace that I could get to fairly easy. You see, I don’t drive and I live in a state where if you don’t drive you’re very limited as to where you can work. Luckily, I live in a city that has fairly good public transit but I still have a difficult time getting to work on time reliably.

Any who, back on the subject of graphic design and art. I have recently found a job that allows me to work at home most of the week and I am very grateful for the opportunity. It’s a part time job working for a very small holdings company. In fact, I’m only the fourth person that they’ve hired. My current position is “Graphic Design Intern” but I’m pretty much all they have. It’s either me, Fiver or one guys niece who is in high school but is half way through a class. So… it’s pretty much me. So far I am loving it. I know that I’m being slightly taken advantage of seeing that what I’m doing is pretty much heading up their fledgling graphic design department but at the same time, they pretty much know that this is my first foray in the professional graphic design business so they’re getting what they paid for which is not much. Thats another topic for another time though.

My name is Jenny and I’m FINALLY a real graphic designer.